Pokemon 2011 World Championship Deck Reshiphlosion | Pokémon Trading Card Game


Want to play like a Champion? Then a 2011 Pokemon Trading Card Game World Championships deck is perfect for you! There are four powerful decks to choose from, each one a card-for-card replica of an actual title-match deck!
Each 2011 Pokemon TCG World Championship Deck includes:
  • 2011 World Championships Deck Box
  • 60-Card Champion Deck
  • Championships Booklet

Christopher Kan Sr. Champion
Christopher Kan became World Champion with a simple, fast, and efficient deck that is hard to stop once it's on fire! With Reshiram as its primary attacker, Typhlosion works from the Bench to keep the Energy cards coming back so Reshiram can use its powerful Blue Flare attack turn after turn. Add in key Trainer cards to fan the flames, and this deck is destined to burn through all challengers!
Deck List:
  • Reshiram x4
  • Typhlosion x4
  • Quilava x1
  • Cyndaquil x4
  • Pokemon Collector x4
  • Professor Juniper x4
  • Sage's Training x4
  • Engineer's Adjustments x2
  • Professor Oak's New Theory x2
  • Pokegear 3.0 x3
  • Rare Candy x4
  • Junk Arm x4
  • Plus Power x3
  • Pokemon Communication x2
  • Revive x1
  • Professor Elm's Training Method x1
  • Energy Retrieval x1
  • Fire Energy x10
  • Rescue Energy x2
Price: $16.95
Available: 1

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