Black and White Plasma Freeze Psy Crusher and Frost Ray Theme Decks | Pokémon Trading Card Game


A World Freezing Over... A Chilling Plan Close to Completion... Team Plasma's frosty assault on Unova continues in the Pokemon TCG: Black & White - Plasma Freeze expansion, and Trainers everywhere must show an icy resolve if they are to halt the relentless deep freeze! The struggle will be bitter as Team Plasma releases a blizzard of Team Plasma Pokemon, including Deoxys-EX, Thundurus-EX, and all of Eevee's evolutions, backed by Team Plasma Energy, Item, and Supporter cards. But, with the Legendary Eon Pokemon Latios and Latias standing by your side and a host of Pokemon-EX ready to do battle, your opponents will find that now is the winter of their discontent!


  • 2x 60 Pokemon Card Themed Decks, each including a specially selected holographic foil card
  • 2 metallic coins
  • 2 Checklists
  • Damage counters
  • 2 Deckboxes
  • 2x 2-player playmat/rulesheet
  • 2x online code cards that give you access to an additional deck for play in the Pokemon Online: Trainer Challenge.
Price: $19.95

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