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All Khans of Tarkir Cards, Boosters, Intro Decks, & Fat Packs Available Now!

Posted 9/26/2014

All Journey into Nyx Intro Decks On Sale!

Posted 9/26/2014
We need to make room for all our new Khans of Tarkir products so we've put all Journey Into Nyx Intro Packs on sale for a limited time! You can get your favorite deck for a great price or buy all 5 for an even better price! Hurry, supplies are limited and this sale wont last forever. Read More...

Magic 2015 Core Set Free Shipping Offer

Posted 7/21/2014
All Magic 2015 Core Set products are now in-stock and ready to ship! We're offering Free Shipping on domestic orders over $75 and half price Worldwide Shipping on international orders over $75. Just use the promo code M15Release during checkout to recieve your shipping discount. This offer is only good during the month of July, so don't wait! Stock up on M15 products now! Read More...

Complete Journey into Nyx Visual Spoiler!

Posted 4/17/2014

Pokémon Trading Card Game Products Now In-stock!

Posted 3/10/2014
We're now carrying many different Pokémon Trading Card Game products. They're all in-stock and ready to ship! As part of our Pokémon launch, we're offering a couple of different promotional codes for you to use with our new Pokémon products. Check out our offers below. Read More...

Pokémon Trading Card Game at Planeswalker's Library

Posted 3/1/2014
We at Planeswalker's Library are excited to announce that starting on March 10, 2014, we will begin carrying Pokemon Trading Card Game products. We recognize that many of our customers enjoy not only Magic: the Gathering, but many other games as well and we're committed to providing for them. To celebrate this big event, we'll be offering a series of promotions in the upcoming days so check back with us often to see what we've got cooking up. Read More...

All Born of the Gods Products In-stock & Ready to Ship!

Posted 2/7/2014
All Magic: The Gathering Born of the Gods products are now in stock and ready to ship at Planeswalker's Library! This includes: Singles, Booster Packs, Booster Boxes, Fat Packs, Intro Decks, and Accessories. Get 'em before they're gone! Read More...

Born of the Gods Intro Deck Lists Now Available!

Posted 1/31/2014
We've added the deck lists for all of the new Born of the Gods Intro Pack decks! Click on any of the decks below to view the deck list for that deck. Read More...

Born of the Gods Accessories In-stock & Ready to Ship!

Posted 1/31/2014
All Born of the Gods accessories are now in-stock and ready to ship! Some of the truly fantastic artwork from Born of the Gods has made its way on to some great new products. So whether you're looking for card sleeves to protect your cards, deck boxes to store & transport your cards, playmats to play on, or a great new binder to hold all your best cards, you'll find them all on our Born of the Gods accessories page!  Read More...

Born of the Gods Visual Spoiler Started!

Posted 12/26/2013
Planeswalker's Library has started our Born of the Gods Visual Spoiler page! So far we've already got a new planeswalker from Born of the Gods! We will update our Born of the Gods Spoiler whenever we get new information, cards, or artwork so make sure you check back frequently. Read More...

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