Magic 2014 Death Reaper Intro Pack



Contains a 60 card ready-to-play black themed deck with a premium foil Liliana's Reaver. Also included are 2 M14 Booster Packs, a strategy guide for the deck, and a Learn to Play guide. M14 Death Reaper Deck List below!
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Death Reaper Card List (60 Cards )

Magic 2014 Intro Pack Deck

8x Mountain
17x Swamp

25 Lands
2x Academy Raider
2x Blood Bairn
1x Bogbrew Witch
2x Child of Night
1x Deathgaze Cockatrice
3x Festering Newt
2x Gnawing Zombie
1x Liliana's Reaver
1x Minotaur Abomination
2x Sengir Vampire
2x Tenacious Dead
2x Undead Minotaur
1x Vampire Warlord

22 Creatures
1x Act of Treason
1x Barrage of Expendables
1x Bubbling Cauldron
2x Corrupt
1x Smelt
1x Staff of the Death Magus
3x Thunder Strike
3x Wring Flesh

13 Other Spells
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