Gatecrash Simic Synthesis Intro Pack



Contains a 60 card theme-deck, 1 fixed foil rare, 2 Gatecrash Booster Packs, and a rules insert.
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Simic Synthesis Card List (60 Cards )

Gatecrash Intro Pack Deck

12x Forest
13x Island
1x Simic Guildgate

26 Lands
2x Adaptive Snapjaw
1x Chronomaton
1x Cloudfin Raptor
2x Crocanura
1x Crowned Ceratok
2x Drakewing Krasis
1x Elusive Krasis
1x Fathom Mage
1x Frilled Oculus
1x Ivy Lane Denizen
2x Kraken Hatchling
1x Leyline Phantom
1x Merfolk of the Depths
1x Sapphire Drake
2x Shambleshark
1x Zameck Guildmage

21 Creatures
2x Bioshift
2x Encrust
2x Forced Adaptation
1x Hindervines
2x Simic Keyrune
1x Sleep
1x Tower Defense
1x Unexpected Results
1x Urban Evolution

13 Other Spells
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