Gatecrash Boros Battalion Intro Pack



Contains a 60 card theme-deck, 1 fixed foil rare, 2 Gatecrash Booster Packs, and a rules insert.
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Boros Battalion Card List (60 Cards )

Gatecrash Intro Pack Deck

1x Boros Guildgate
12x Mountain
12x Plains

25 Lands
1x Armored Transport
1x Bomber Corps
1x Boros Elite
2x Canyon Minotaur
1x Court Street Denizen
2x Daring Skyjek
1x Ember Beast
1x Firefist Striker
1x Firemane Avenger
2x Fortress Cyclops
1x Foundry Champion
1x Ordruun Veteran
2x Skyknight Legionnaire
1x Sunhome Guildmage
2x Warclamp Mastiff
2x Warmind Infantry
3x Wojek Halberdiers

25 Creatures
1x Act of Treason
1x Aerial Maneuver
2x Arrows of Justice
2x Boros Keyrune
1x Mark for Death
1x Mugging
1x Righteous Charge
1x Shielded Passage

10 Other Spells
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