Dragon's Maze Simic Domination Intro Pack



Contains a 60 card ready-to-play Simic themed deck with a premium foil Vorel of the Hull Clade. Also included are 2 Dragon's Maze Booster Packs, a strategy guide for the deck, and a Learn to Play guide. Simic Domination Deck List below!
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Simic Domination Card List (60 Cards )

Dragon's Maze Intro Pack Deck

10x Forest
12x Island
4x Simic Guildgate

26 Lands
1x Archweaver
2x Battering Krasis
2x Beetleform Mage
3x Centaur Courser
2x Cloudfin Raptor
1x Crocanura
1x Crowned Ceratok
2x Elusive Krasis
1x Gyre Sage
1x Murmuring Phantasm
2x Opal Lake Gatekeepers
1x Sapphire Drake
2x Species Gorger
1x Vorel of the Hull Clade

22 Creatures
2x Bred for the Hunt
1x Give/Take
1x Hindervines
1x Krasis Incubation
2x Mutant's Prey
1x Phytoburst
2x Runner's Bane
2x Simic Cluestone

12 Other Spells
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