Born of the Gods Death's Beginning Intro Deck



This Intro Pack contains a 60 card ready-to-play green & black themed deck with a premium foil Eater of Hope. Also included are 2 Born of the Gods Booster Packs, a strategy guide for the deck, and a Learn to Play guide. Born of the Gods Death's Beginning Deck List below!
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Death's Beginning Card List (60 Cards )

Born of the Gods Intro Pack Deck

11x Forest
15x Swamp

26 Lands
1x Archetype of Finality
1x Eater of Hope
2x Felhide Brawler
1x Felhide Minotaur
2x Forsaken Drifters
2x Graverobber Spider
1x Keepsake Gorgon
1x Loathsome Catoblepas
2x Nemesis of Mortals
1x Nighthowler
1x Pharika's Mender
1x Pheres-Band Centaurs
2x Returned Centaur
1x Satyr Piper
2x Satyr Wayfinder

21 Creatures
2x Asphyxiate
2x Commune with the Gods
1x Cutthroat Maneuver
1x March of the Returned
2x Mortal's Resolve
1x Raised by Wolves
1x Rescue from the Underworld
1x Unravel the AEther
2x Weight of the Underworld

13 Other Spells
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